Martyn Hawley



Martyn has been singing since his early schooldays and after leaving school, joined a local rock band. Since then he has performed as a solo artist in many pubs and clubs. Martyn uses a Sennheiser microphone and wicked tambourine! 

David Macdonald

(Bass Guitar/ Vocals)


David has been playing bass since his early teens and took to the 'stage' from an early age.  Since then he has been a regular in most of the music venues across Yorkshire playing in dozens of bands concentrating on his love of rock and blues. 


David is an avid fan of the classic Fender Precision bass and has played the same guitar since he bought it new over 30 years ago.

David Smiles

(Lead Guitar/ Vocals)


As an artist in bands since he was 15, David has played up and down the country playing in many bands.   He has found himself firmly back in his favourite genre of rock and blues, the rocky style with Snake Oil.


David uses Gibson and Fender guitars, a selection of effects pedals, and all valve amplification.

Leonardo Wrigley

(Lead/Rhythm Guitar)


Lee first picked up the guitar at the age of 15 after been influenced by various 90s rock bands. Completely self taught he is a fan of Rock, Punk, Blues and Hardcore Funk and has played in bands throughout his native Yorkshire. Lee prefers Fender guitars and Amplifiers but is known to modify various parts of his rig to achieve a unique tone

Gordon Laing

(Drums/ Percussion)


Gordon has played drums since a young teenager having played in bands in the Isle of Man, Canada, Cyprus and Germany before settling down in Yorkshire. Hugely experienced at playing various genres of music, Gordon does prefer rock and blues so is ideally suited to Snake Oil's blusey style.  


Gordon plays a Cambridge Drum Company drum kit with Craviotto and Tiki snares and Sabian and Meinl cymbals.




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